Loyalty Rewards
Complete Loyalty Challenges, and earn Power Stones rewards.
The more power stones you earn, the higher your loyalty and airdrop weight.
My Power Stone Rewards:
No less than 30 Power Stone, earn Trader roles rewards.
Number of Participants:
Power Stone Challenge
List 1 NFT Collection on AlienSwap
Earn 5 Power Stone, Up to 250
Buy 1 NFT on AlienSwap
Earn 10 Power Stone, Up to 500
0.3 ETH Buy Order Volume
Earn 15 Power Stone, Up to 750
Special Rewards
Submit a product suggestion and get accepted
Earn 50 Power Stone, pick the top 100
Write high-quality tweets or reports about AlienSwap
Earn 200 Power Stone, and pick the top 300
Power Stone Record
My Power Stone Rewards:
PeriodList NFTsBuy NFTsVolumeSpecial Rewardsnomic.airdropPower Stone
No Data ~
Loyalty Rewards Rules
1. Participate in loyalty challenge tasks, you can earn Power Stone rewards per period. 2. More Power Stones means more Loyalty score, which is related to the final airdrop. 3. AlienSwap always encourages high-quality community participation, including higher-quality real listing and trading. 4. Special reward tasks need to be checked and verified, and only verified participants can receive rewards. 5. Only 100/300 people can get product suggestions and content special rewards. We will select from all participants who submit the form, and the highest quality 100/300 participants will get rewards. 6. Campaign period: from now until the airdrop. However, we may end the campaign earlier. 7. The difficulty of earning power stones is increasing, because the time required to earn the same amount of power stones will be longer, and you will get more rewards if you participate earlier.
AlienVerse Badges
Activity Ended
Collect AlienVerse Loyalty Badges Daily, share 180,000 $ALIEN Mystery Box,1,000 AlienFrens OG Roles,1,000 AlienFrens Roles prize pool!
View details of AlienVerse Loyalty Program V2
NFT Minted: /115,500
Earth Badge
Claimed 0
Mars Badge
Claimed 0
Neptune Badge
Claimed 0
Jupiter Badge
Claimed 0
Mercury Badge
Claimed 0
Uranus Badge
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Badges Rewards Rules
We adjusted badge collection rewards in V2 to reward more real NFT traders. Collect and hold a certain number of AlienVerse Badges, and you'll earn special rewards and the chance to participate in future Synthesis games.
· Collect Earth and Mars Badges, earn 1 normal Mystery Box
· Collect Earth, Mars, and Neptune Badges, earn 2 rare Mystery Box
· Collect Earth, Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter Badges, earn 5 rare Mystery Box
· Collect Earth, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury Badges, earn 20 Super Rare Mystery Box
· Collect Earth, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus Badges, and earn 30 Super Rare Mystery Box and AlienFrens Roles
* The update of V2 and daily badge rewards will not influence the rewards of users who have participated in the event before.Holding no less than 3 badges, will have a chance to participate in the future AlienSwap Badge Synthesis game and cast brand new AlienVerse Pass NFT for free.